Informatics solutions for drug discovery

Helping you meet the challenges of informatics data management and software integration


App Development

Web based or desktop scientific apps created with best of breed methodologies and toolkits. Focus on usability and performance. From simple web sites to full stack enterprise application architectures.

Scientific Workflows

Solving problems using our own or third party tools. Incorporate wide range of commercial or open source tools and data. Solutions for chemical registration, virtual screening, drug design, predictive models and much more.

Data migration & warehousing

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) techniques for chemical and biological information. Standardisation and canonicalisation of data. Handling big data. Optimising querying and updating.

Automation & Deployment

Making processes repeatable and reliable using best of breed build and automation tools, continuous integration and continuous delivery techniques. Scalable and resilient deployment using Docker and Kubernetes. Deploy to cloud or your own hardware. Security and Single Sign On.


The Squonk Computational Notebook is the core product that we are currently creating. It forms a key part of the OpenRiskNet Horizon 2020 e-infrastructure project which started in December 2016.